Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How'd You Do That?

While I am NOT ready to get back into the business end of photography, I am ready to get back into taking pictures and posting... even pictures of things that aren't P.  Although, she is awfully cute, and I'm sure she'll make an appearance or two, or three... :)

I'd like to take some of the pictures I particularly like and put them on the blog saying why I like them and what I did to set-up the shot.  Surprisngly, this is the picture I picked for today.

I'll tell you why I love it:

1.  Spencer is getting into that "ugly photo" stage.  They are self conscious about how they smile, they have lose, or lost teeth, they're just funny about having their photo.  Luckily, Spencer's not fully entrenched into that phase yet so I still have a few more months before I cringe with EVERY shot of him (I did that with Conner for about 1st and 2nd grades, really).  The main trick is to distract them with something else.  I think we were talking about some of the suess books he'd read at school.

2.  The background.  Yes, that is our water storage barrel and a tiny tree that we transplanted last year and we are just hoping it stays alive.  Now, I also did this shot (to the right).  The background isn't obvious and the focus is mostly on his face.  But, there's something happy and great that shows the "background" to your life.  I often take pictures of the kids int he front yard and we've seen our tiny orange tree (obviously, the Ericksons REALLY want to grow oranges, and aren't having much luck yet) grow up in those photos.  Have I ever realy done a shoot of our orange tree, no -- but it often gets mentioned as we watch our family movies.  And yes, the water barel is also a part of our life.  Just not one that is very fun to empty.

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