Friday, October 20, 2006


Call the Shots is expanding our design part. Cards are 40 dollars for up to 5 photos. If you have a larger order, where you'd like more pictures or if you have questions Email me .

Bigger Kids



Thursday, October 19, 2006



Who are you and how do I get you to photograph my family?

I can't stand it when my kids change. Each tooth that falls out, each dimple that fades, each new skill... all changes. That is why I strove to capture amazing shots of my children -- not as perfect beings, but the day to day times that I enjoy so much. My photography skills expanded ourside our home, to shower presents, to what it is today -- Call the Shots -- because I know life is constantly changing, all it takes is a blink of an eye (or the click of a shutter in my world). Currently, photo sessions are 400 dollars for the entire session (for a family of four, for groups larger then 4 please contact me), and include a disc (DVD or CD, your choice) of the entire session, along with all the edits that I do, it also comes with a copyright release. The pictures are yours, to enlarge, print as many as you want and enjoy. Please contact me if you are intersted in a beach session as those prices are higher.
I am a mom and want your pictures to mean as much to you as the moments I have with my own children. Hence, I only book 2 shoots a month and they are starting to fill-up fast.
Feel free to email me with any other questions. I can also send you a copy of my "terms" if you are interested.
Prices are subject to change and price quotes are only valid for 7 days after issued unless a deposit is made and a session is booked.